Our Executives

Monzur Ali

Engr. Monzur Ali is the founding Director of the Canadian Centre for Global Processionals (CCGP), established in 2003.
As an educator and entrepreneur, Monzur works hard for the betterment of professionals and talented individuals who want to settle in Canada. Mr Monzur is actively involved in different religious, social, community, and cultural organizations in Canada and abroad.

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Nazmul Khan​

Director IT and Training

Nazmul Khan is a highly confident Network and Cybersecurity Instructor with more than 23 years of experience in the IT industry. He has successfully helped numerous individuals discover their career path in IT and has inspired many with his extensive knowledge and expertise in Computer Network Engineering and Cybersecurity.

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Habibul Khan ​

Director Community Support

Mr Khan is a social worker who likes to help people. He worked with various Not for not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) and developed ideas to settle hopeless and helpless individuals. He can speak Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, and English. He has a strong skill for managing all types of indigenous people. Recently he joined the CCGP team to help newcomers in Canada by offering “Newcomers Settlement Services (NSS)” to guide them through different career development programs.

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Imran Chowdhury ​

Director Marketing and Accounting

As a graduate from H&R Block with a certificate in Federal Income Tax Level 1, and Level-2 from Canadian Tax Academy Mr Chowdhury has 8 Years of experiences in accurate data analysis skills with good understanding of accounting principles. He is a members of different NGOs and Associations and strong voice in community activities.

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Shamima Akther​

Shamima Akther is a registered ECE have been working in children education and basic needs for young children.
Mrs Akther has wide range of experiences dealing with toddler to youth children issues and successfully organized different events, played important roles and have responsibilities to work with different groups and organization for the last 10 years.
Mrs Akther has Degree in Psychology and have wide knowledge about social and mental issue

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Hammadur Rahman ​

Hammadur Rahman is a well known IT professional have been living in Canada more than 30 years. Mr Rahman is a corporate level executives and has wide knowledge in sociology and environmental issues.
Mr Hahman is graduated from University of Toronto and have been involve with different types of social activities, train technology professionals and helps new immigrant settlement in Canada.

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