A Place to Breathe

Canadian Center for Global Professionals (CCGP)

CCGP is a platform of global professionals those migrated into Canada and those like to come Canada, work with them to understand their capacity, capability, skill set and expertise that can be utilized without waste of time.

CCGP work with private and public organizations to present global talent and find solution how to utilize unutilized and underutilized (U3) talents in Canadian job market.
It is a not-for-profit organization incorporated under Canadian Corporation Act.
It has been initiated and run by a group of highly qualified, diversified and motivated dynamic individuals for a proactive approach in building an economically strong Canadian society.
A pioneer in encouraging professional creativity, the Canadian Center for Global Professionals (CCGP) will be a recognized leader in the utilization of the skills and knowledge of New Canadians with professional qualifications through the integration into Canadian Society, innovative practices, and strategic alliances with different public and private industries and organizations.
CCGP is dedicated to the effective integration of talented new Canadians into our economy and society. It provides a proactive and innovative approach to the problem of under-utilization and un-employment among these highly qualified new professionals.
CCGP is a not-for-profit organization that is in the business of developing, promoting, and implementing projects that will provide new Canadian Professionals with much-needed employment opportunities. These opportunities will enable them to utilize their knowledge and skills thereby gaining the critical Canadian work experience they need to integrate fully in the Canada’s workforce.
CCGP is unique in that it has been founded, manage and its activities are being implemented by and for the benefit of new Canadian professionals. Its member clients include: skilled, professional new Canadians of all disciplines (science, commerce, engineering, arts, service sector, etc.) men and women of all cultures, and languages
CCGP fosters strategic Alliance and win-win partnership arrangements with federal, provincial and municipal governments, private sector companies and other non-profit organizations.


Our Action

  • Undertaking innovative research projects by our different groups of professionals and offer services to Federal and Provincial government, NGOs, Crown Corporations, Municipality, and private businesses organizations.
  • Develop proactive ways of employing skilled members of CCGP who may be currently either unemployed or underemployed and thus improve their quality of life.
  • To create public awareness on the issues and problems faced by new immigrants to Canada through research, publications and by using the press and media to paint a picture of life for new Canadian immigrants.
  • To promote, expand and export Canadian advancement in science and technology, and expertise abroad.
  • Offering and directing community services in education and technology to low-income families in Canadian multicultural society.


CCGP is an umbrella organization with 4 major departments.

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Environment

department is headed & managed by number of directors and advisors from Canadian renowned industries and business organizations. Global professionals will have the chance to be the members of CCGP & they will be starting working with one of the departments according to their background on a volunteering basis. They will be encouraged to be creative so that they can get the attention from their perspective employers. In this way, they first gain Canadian working experience and also they might be interested in starting their own entrepreneurial activities.