Programs and Services

2.0 Settlement Support Services (SSS)

2.1 New Immigrant Support (NIS)

2.2 Job Search Support (JSS)

2.3 Referral Support Service (RSS)

2.0 settlement support services (SSS)

2.1 new immigrant support (NIS)

Organize one-in-one discussion to understand professional background, future job search and study, basic needs, housing and guide to learn Canadian way of life, how to start new life in Canada etc. 

2.2 job search support (JSS)

Learn different types of job in the Canadian job market, how to search job and helps to prepare document and resume to be ready in the job market. These postures are gears to make more comfortable to get into the job market and start from scratch.

2.3 referral support service (RSS)

Reference is very important to get a job in Canada. It is important to build a networking and relationship with related professionals group and community organization that is helpful to use as a reference.  

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