Programs and Services

1.0 Professional Support Services (PSS)

1.1 Training and Professional Upgrade (TPU)

1.2 Skill Set Development (SSD)

1.3 Certificate and Document Evaluation (CDE)

1.4 Education Support Service (ESS)

1.1 Training and Professional Upgrade (TPU)

1.1.1 vendor certification program (VCP)

In Canada and USA, most of the employers wants vendor specific product skills. CCGP has affiliation with different vendors tainting program. Also we have free training and info session about to know certification path and how to enroll for certification. Few certifications are: ComTIA, Cisco, AWS, Microsoft, VMwere etc are very high demand in the market

1.1.2 Government funded program (GFP)

Often Canadian government offer different types of funding program for new immigrant, career path change for existing Canadian citizen and PR holder, upgrade skills according to the market demand.

CCGP provides information about different types of government program, guide professionals how to enroll government funded programs.

1.1.3 professional training program (PTP)

CCGP time to time organize short training program for professional upgrade with the help of industry recognize vendors and employers.

We offer free short courses and do networking with industry expert to know how to get in touch and update with latest technology and market trends.

1.2 skill set development (SSD)

1.2.1 seminar and workshop service (SWS)

CCGP organize seminar and workshop with vendors and different types of professional and not for profit organization to learn market trends and develop professional skills. 

1.2.2 coop program support (CPS)

CCGP work closely with different SMB those are interested to offer coop placement that helps professionals to get valuable industry experiences. 

1.2.3 work experience program (WEP)

Some small business and not-for-profit organization offer jobs to the new immigrant and new graduate this work count as a valuable work experiences and job seekers can use their reference.

1.3 certificate and document evaluation (CDE)

1.3.1 document translation support (DTS)

Often different professionals face issues to translate their certificates and different types of documents that needed in English format.

CCGP volunteers helps new immigrant and international students documents to translate into English language.

1.3.2 document evaluation support (DES)

Most of the Universities and colleges needs academic and professional documents evaluation from authorized organization before finalize further education or admission in Canada for father study in Canada.

Evaluation is the most important part that helps to determine what level of study candidate has done and from where they should be started.

1.3.3 credit transfer support (CTS)

For higher study in Canada or move from one educational institute to another, often student and candidate do not know the procedure how to move from one university/ college to another one without session loss.

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