Programs and Services

4.0 Entrepreneur Network Support (ENS)

4.1 New Innovation Support (NIS)

4.2 Young Entrepreneur Support (YES)

4.3 Business Statistics and Data (BSD) 

4.0 entrepreneur network support (ENS)

4.1 Business innovation support (BIS)

CCGP provided motivational support for different types of innovation that could be a good start for a new graduate, a professional and a new technology business start up. 

4.2 young entrepreneur support (YES)

New graduate has a different types of new ideas and CCGP encourage their any new innovation and ideas that can be utilized to work an entrepreneur rather than find a job.

There are multiple sources of funds that can be utilized and can be an young entrepreneur who can be generated job in Canada and Canadian Government always assist for this types of initiatives.

4.3 business statistics and data (BSD)

CCGP volunteers always helps people those want to learn how to start a business in Canada by helping different types of statistical data, future business growth sectors and potentiality based on market demand, private and and government interest.  

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