Programs and Services

3.0 Community Support Services (CSS)

3.1 Good neighborhood service (GNS)

3.2 Government Program Support (GPS)

3.3 Humanitarian support service (HSS)

3.0 community support services (CSS)

3.1 good neighborhood service (GNS)

This program is design to learn how to live and share ideas with neighbors. Right and responsibilities of a Canadian in terms of social, cultural and resources sharing.

3.2 Government program support (GPS)

Government has different program for low income, without income people and CCGP provided information how to get help from different government assistance during their hard time.

3.3 humanitarian support service (HSS)

Being a good Canadian citizen or new in Canada we have to share out emotion,  feelings and resources during unprecedented time and right voice to support those are oppressed locally and internationally.

CCGP encourage to rise voice for any types of discriminations, social injustice and environmental issues.

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